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September 29, 2011

LIDIA’S Pastas and Sauces

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What I do best is prepare freshly cooked Italian meals. However, jarred or canned tomato sauce has always been a part of the Italian culture. In the past and present, families would jar their own tomatoes to capture their sweetness and flavors of summer for the gloomy winter days.

To have a sauce in a jar taste as fresh as the ones I remember from childhood has always been something of a challenge for me. I strongly believe that in order to get the best final product, you should use the freshest, highest quality ingredients possible. The sauces include sweet tomatoes, plenty of fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. It took me many months and trials to reach a final product that satisfied me. I still taste every new batch produced and believe that these sauces are truly unprecedented. My sauces are all natural, gluten free, and kosher.


Lidia’s pasta is made in Italy and is made from only the best wheat, which is milled on the premises. Immediately following the milling process, the wheat is transformed into a rich, and supple dough, and subsequently shaped using bronze dies, and then allowed to dry very slowly. The use of bronze dies creates small ‘nooks and crannies’ on the surface of the pasta which allows for optimum absorption of the sauce. It is a simple, but highly sophisticated, process that brings to the table the freshest possible product.

Try these recipes for LIDIA’S pastas and sauces!
Lidia’s Rigatoni with Roasted Eggplant Sauce and Ricotta Cheese
Lidia’s Spaghetti with Shrimp Marinara

My sauces and pasta can be purchased nationally at your favorite food store, or by visiting us on the web at www.lidiasitaly.com. I hope you enjoy the selection of sauces. They are wonderful on my pasta and can be used to cook a wide range of delicious dishes like chicken, fish and veal.

Buon Appetito,

Lidia Bastianich

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