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July 31, 2012

Tanya’s Travels: Sperlonga to Savelletri di Fasano

I have a wish that my children visit every region of Italy and this year the new region was Puglia.  The drive from the western coast of Italy diagonally down to the heel of the boot took us about 6 hours and through territory I had never even been to.

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At one point I felt like we were in Kansas, driving through undulating waves of grain as far as the eye could see in Italy’s breadbasket.  I kept thinking about all the different shapes of pasta that would come of the wheat. Then, just crossing into Puglia from Campania, my mouth started to salivate as I saw the sign for Cerignola, think of the briny, meaty, large green olives.

As we continued on, we weaved our way through the small streets of Savelletri di Fasano and our destination, Borgo Egnazia appeared like a mirage.  A white oasis that we would not want to leave.  The resort is built in the all white local stone surrounded as far as the eye can see by the rich red earth of Puglia and row after row of secular, massive gnarly olive trees.  We were in and out of the salty blue Adriatic like seals at play.  The main piazza of the resort was a hub of activity in the evening with games for the kids and one night even a typical wedding.

The food was amazing.  Every grilled zucchini tasted sweeter than the one before it and each tomato a burst of sunshine as it squirted into my mouth.  Lorenzo and Julia were occupied every evening with ping pong and an outdoor kids dance party.  My mom kept Julia company and probably had a dance or two herself.  Corrado and I were left to leisurely sit and enjoy the evening sounds of the Puglia countryside.

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